Zombie Cocktail

Zombie Cocktail

The Zombie cocktail is a Polynesian Tiki classic.  And like all tiki drinks, the ingredients vary because of rivalry and secrecy which made these drinks exclusive to certain tiki bars of yesteryear.  I find this recipe to be the best of what I’ve tasted.  Of course, I might be presented with a better one, and if I do, I will revise this recipe, but for now, here it is, plain and simple, nothing crazy or hard to find as far as ingredients go. Just a word of caution, this contains enough alcohol for 2-3 people per drink, so sip slowly.


  • 30ml (1 ounce) Light Rum
  • 30ml (1 ounce) Aged Rum
  • 30ml (1 ounce) Dark Rum
  • 30ml (1 ounce) Curaçao
  • 30ml (1 ounce) Fresh Lime Juice
  • 30ml (1 ounce) Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 30ml (1 ounce) Fresh Orange Juice
  • 30ml (1 ounce) Grenadine Syrup
  • 2-3 Dashes of Angostura and/or Orange Bitters
  • OPTIONAL: Top with 5ml (1 teaspoon of overproof rum like Barrell or Bacardi 151)
  • Garnish with orange slice, pineapple and/or cherry

Shake all ingredients with the exception of the overproof rum.  Pour into a tall glass with fresh ice and top with a mere teaspoon of overproof rum.  Remember, this has 2-3 times the alcohol content of most drinks, which is probably how its earned its name “zombie”.  Just two of these should make you look like one.


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