Yellowstone Select Bourbon


Spirit: Kentucky Bourbon, 83 Proof
Retail Price: $50 Retail; Rating / Score: 86% or B

After having tasted the Yellowstone 105 proof at $150/bottle, I thought surely it would be interesting to taste the “Select” 93 proof at a fraction of the price.  For $50 its pretty good, however, to compare it to other whiskey in that price range it might be difficult.  Like most things whiskey these days, it might take some time and trial, but you can certainly find a great whiskey at a very affordable price.

While $50 is not a lot of money for good bourbon these days (in fact it is considered cheap), this one I am still wondering if they cashed in on their previous release to justify the price. I was happy to pay $50 plus tax this time, but the next time I see it for anything more than $40 I will pass.

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