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The Yellow Plum


This is a great place to come, whether for a casual drink, a high end cocktail by professional mixologists, or especially for some very interesting and delicious food.  Today was a very hot Summer day in July.  The kind we only can hope for in the deep of winter but know we will complain about once it finally does warm up.  Its about 95F, so we are not sitting outside in front.  We are inside with air conditioning watching Brazil getting pounded by Germany for the World Cup.  The bar, I might add, has quite a collection of varied and great spirits.  Things you might not see like Monkey Shoulder Scotch (which is also featured in one of their signature cocktails) and a wide array of other Whiskeys, Scotch and Bourbon.  My eye spied a bottle of Brazilian Cachaça I never saw before and a bottle of Sicilian Blood Orange Liquor I’ve been meaning to try.  However, its a hot day, and its first time to eat something before I take a second sip of my Yellow Plum cocktail.

yellowplumSummer always means the refreshing taste of lemons.  In this case, the signature cocktail The Yellow Plum is fresh lemon juice, vodka, yellow plum syrup, and a spritz of Scrappy’s lavender bitters served in a coupe stemmed cocktail glass. Its quite good and packs quite a punch even a few sips in.

So, now its obviously time for some food to help offset the strength of the cocktail.  I am going to eat light, but I am going to eat well.  So, I order 3 of the very interesting appetizers that catch my eye.  An order of their Crab Egg Roll and Fried Oysters, and its a good start.


By now its time for another cocktail.  The Honey-Suckle looks very good.  Tequila, fresh lime juice, honey, and mint.  I never had, much less thought of tequila with honey, or even mint, but here is a cocktail that has all the full flavor of a Margarita to rival the rum in a Mojito.


For my last and main course of an appetizer lunch, I get the Mac & Cheese with Sofrito & Short Rib.  I have to tell you, this is the very best mac and cheese I’ve ever had, no exaggeration, no exception.  Its in a very creamy sauce with a lot of succulent short rib meat and orecchiette pasta (little ears), not your typical elbow noodles.


I will be back here for sure, especially since I did not even get to their main entree and signature dishes.  I am still reeling over the appetizers and signature cocktails.

The Yellow Plum
1099 Broad Street, Bloomfield NJ 07003

Post & Photos by Justin R. Cristaldi

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