Wine Fraud

Wine Fraud

Even at an early age of about 21 (probably younger, but we will say 21 as that is the legal drinking age) I was reading books on wine. I can’t remember them all, but one that caught my interest was counterfeiting wine.  I can’t remember the name of the book but it was something like how to taste wine without being a snob. They suggested that you should not sniff the cork but rather look for a date to be sure it matches that of the label.  Labels are the easiest thing to soak off and replicate/counterfeit, so its easy to soak off a label and put a new one on without removing the cork or the wine itself.

If you have Netflix a must-watch and required viewing is Sour Grapes.  This documentary takes this tip to completely other level. Once you see this, not only will dismiss all the wine snobbery, but also question if its worth investing in.   The man convicted (Rudy Kurniawan) went so far as to even blend several different wines so that it would simulate the taste of higher end wines.  In his apartment they found notes, recipes, bottles, labels, and all sorts of paraphernalia strictly dedicated to counterfeiting wine. If nothing else, its a very amusing documentary.

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