Wide Mouth Flasks

Wide Mouth Flask

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Even if you are a straight-forward type of drinker, a flask always comes in handy.  Whether its a local BYOB (bring your own booze) restaurant, or going camping, hunting, fishing, or even to your brother-in-law’s house for the weekend, because what he drinks, you would not wash your feet in.  Sometimes its a special occasion and rather than bring the whole bottle of a rare whiskey, you just want to bring enough for a couple of drinks. Then of course, there is the distant cousin’s wedding which you are obligated to go to where you have to stay at a hotel because its so far from home, but they opted to have a cash bar.  I don’t know of anyone who wants to spend $10 for an ounce or two, or even three of a whiskey that you can pay $25 for a full bottle. This is where the flask becomes invaluable.

As a 25+ year collector of flasks I think I’ve seen them all.  Some shaped as tubes, others that doubled as cigar holders, but the bulk of them I got from buying as a gift pack with my favorite whiskey.  Some of them were cheap and leaked and were nothing more than a mere novelty, but others have lasted for years.

IMG_4324No matter what the case, you certainly don’t want to waste or spill any of it, especially if its an expensive single malt scotch or rare bourbon.  The problem with classic flasks is that they have a very very small mouth and neck.  Most of those sold include a mini funnel to avoid spilling, but if you don’t lose that mini funnel, you will find yourself spilling and wasting your precious spirit.  They don’t fill right because of air flow, and even if they do, you can never see when its near the top.  The best bet is to know how much the flask holds, put it in a measuring glass, and pour. Or, you can get a wide mouth flask and see how close you are to the top before you stop pouring and spill any of it. Spilling might not matter all that much if your full bottle costs under $30, but if you are like me and know you can’t get Sinatra Select where you are going at nearly $200/bottle, you are going to need this.  Not want, need.

This particular model I got was branded with the Jack Daniels logo and holds 5 oz, however, like most things, you never want to fill something to the brim or the very very top, so you are best off filling this with 4 ounces to be comfortable.  However, I did fill this to the top and I took it on a trek with me hiking in the woods, on a bus ride into Manhattan in the June heat and even tossed it around a bit, and not a drop leaked.  Of my entire collection of flasks, this is by far my favorite because its the most practical, it holds a good amount and is easy to fill.

After nearly 200 years of drinking and flasks, I keep asking myself why didn’t anyone think of making a wide mouth flask sooner.  I really have to hand it to the people at R & P Associates, they have an incredible line unique and practical flasks.

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