Whistle Pig

10-Year-Bottle-websiteWhistle Pig Rye

Spirit: Rye
Origin: Vermont USA
Proof: 100 (50% Alcohol)
Price/Value/Rating:  $70 Retail; excellent value; Grade A, 93% rating
Tasting Notes: Creamy Vanilla, almost like old fashioned cream soda without the fizz.  Good amount of warming heat, but nothing too intense. It is smooth, silky, sweet, tasty and delicious.

This is what rye should taste like.  While there are many better and even more far worse, this is what you should taste for the first time to see if you like rye.  This is really good stuff, however, they somehow tried to cash in on its coat tails by producing a barrel strength 13-year old which was supposed to be “limited” and cost about $175.  Honestly I’d rather have 3 bottles of the 10 year over one bottle of the “Boss Hog”.


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