Today’s supermarkets are really modern marvels.  I walked into a new Wegmans in Hanover NJ today and was truly amazed.  To start, it was by far the largest supermarket I’ve ever been in.  The attached liquor store alone is larger than many supermarkets, but more on that later.

For a produce section this large they did not have strawberries, blueberries or raspberries.  I would think they would have a lot more fruit but its very “vegetable heavy”.

The layout of this supermarket is not easy. While normally the frozen foods are at the far end when you go to check out, in this store they are in the middle between paper goods, cosmetics and other non-perishable items.

Also, my wife was looking for a certain type of green tea, it was not  in the tea section but down over by the ground coffee literally a few sections away. Normally coffee and tea are in the same area or aisle.

The fish, meat, cheese departments were more than flush with plenty of varieties.  They even have a Kosher section of both prepared and canned and packaged goods.

There is a large food buffet, pizza station, sushi station, Asian station, other hot foods and even a “Burger Bar”.  While the dining areas are very nice, almost like a hotel lobby, the food is not cheap, almost $10 per pound compared to $7 at some other supermarkets. Unfortunately, the food is not all that great. It certainly is not as nice as where to sit and enjoy the food, and the food itself is overpriced.

I love chicken wings but I hate cooking them, so I decided to try two of their buffalo wings and two of their smoked wings. I got less than half a dozen large wedge fries and this amounted to 3/4 of a pound and cost $7. Does 4 chicken wings and 4 fries sound like lunch to you? Not for me, and I eat a very small lunch.

Attached is a liquor store with a huge variety of wines, beer and spirits.  You need a lot of time to go through all their departments. It is a large place, and it feels like a “big box” store, but the prices are very good if you carry one of their membership rewards cards. You will also do a lot of walking just to cover the whole store.

This place is definitely worth a visit if you have some time to kill to research their prices and all the brands they have to offer, but also you will be hunting for certain items because of the layout is not the most logical at times.

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