Vodka Cran

Vodka Cran (Vodka & Cranberry Juice)


Its a simple yet comforting drink.  Its a 1990s version of a “Highball” where we started using juice in place of soda because we thought it was more healthy.  And generally, it is.  However, be careful because a glass of juice can easily contain the same, if not more, than a glass of soda.  The advantage of drinking cocktails with juice?  Vitamin C, and something better and more healthy than GMO high fructose sugar.

With this cocktail I even chose something healthier like 100% juice with no added sugars.  Sure, it is going to be a little more dry, but a squeeze of line sweetens it up just fine.  This is my go-to drink when I am at a dive bar and I really just want one, I want the clean taste of vodka but don’t want it straight.  If you are out dining this can even replace a Negroni if the sort of place you are dining in does not even know what a Negroni is.

To take a closer look, back in the 1990s when I was still young, I loved vodka, straight, mixed, frozen, any way I can get it.  The 1990s practically dictated that cocktails were really all about vodka.  And in this sense, my go to drink was the vodka cranberry.  I remember one particular day I used a different brand of vodka and noticed a very obvious difference in taste. I am not sure if I was using Stoli and replaced with Finlandia or vice verse, but I definitely noticed a difference, and this is when I began to wake up and realize that not all spirits, not even a neutral spirit like vodka, are all the same.  They are all different regardless.  But don’t take my word for it.  Take some time to drink the same cocktail using one brand, and use another to use a different brand.  See if you cannot taste the difference.

Vodka Cran (Vodka & Cranberry Juice)

  • 2 oz or 60ml quality vodka
  • 3 oz or 90ml good cranberry juice
  • Squeeze of fresh lime wedge
  • Pour all into a glass with fresh, clean ice, serve!

This is so good on so many levels.  Especially for a Spring or Summer cocktail.  Its so simple and almost impossible to screw up.  Its a way to have your vitamin and have a cocktail on the sweeter side with a very slight but delightful bite.  Enjoy!

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