Video Episodes

Video Episodes

We are in the process of finding the best and most optimum platform to stream videos. For now you can find us on YouTube if you just search for Acan Journal.  We are also on Vimeo as user AcanJournal.  Click on any of the links below to view the episode on YouTube.

Season 2017

Season 2018

  • 1801  Hot Toddy: Wintery weather calls for warm cocktails
  • 1802  Flasks: Choosing a practical flask for your needs.
  • 1803  Pappy Birthday: Celebrating some milestone birthdays with Pappy Van Winkle 20 year old Bourbon.
  • 1804  Glassware: The importance, shapes, sizes, when to use or not use.
  • 1805  St. Patrick’s Day: The importance of drinking responsibly.
  • 1806  Blind Taste Testing: How to conduct a blind tasting.
  • 1807  Tiki Culture: The American imagination of a cult following.
  • 1808  Shakers: Shapes, styles, sizes, how to use one to make cocktails.
  • 1809  Leftover Wine: Don’t throw it away!.
  • 1810 Fruit Juice Prep: How to prepare citrus fruit juices for cocktails.
  • 1811  Mai-Kai: The importance, shapes, sizes, when to use or not use.
  • 1812  Wine Tasting: How to taste, compare, contrast.



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