Venezuela is the northern most country of South America. Its official name is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It was colonized by Spain in 1522.  It is rich with oil and has the largest number of oil reserves in the world. It has some of the most beautiful mountains and beaches in the world and a population of about 31 million people.

Other than oil, its next most famous export is beauty contestants. Venezuela was the first country to win all the four beauty pageants multiple times. Twice to win two Big Four crowns in one year, winning Miss Universe 1981 and Miss World 1981 and then Miss Universe 2013 and Miss Earth 2013.

Today by all accounts, Venezuela is a mess, culturally, economically and politically.  Once the richest country in South America, now people must wait in lines for hours only to enter supermarkets which have little or no food.  It is the most murderous country in the world.  Food is so scarce that even the animals in the zoos do not have food to eat and are starving to death. It does not take a historian or genius to figure out that it is the fault of a very corrupt government.

Famed traveler Anthony Bourdain could not even find an insurance company willing to issue a policy for him or his film crew to visit though he tried many times.

While there is far too much to list here, we will try to do our best to post the most pertinent information, news and updates to a very dire situation.

This photo from Reuters News says it all.  If you can’t tell, those are stacks of $1,000 bills, and that is how much it costs to buy one roll of toilet paper. It is so sad even to make a joke out of it, but yes you are better off using $1000 bills instead of toilet paper, its far cheaper.

There are still reasons to visit should things improve, like:

  • Las Rocas: One of the most beautiful beaches in the world
  • Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world
  • Spectacular Wildlife & Scenerey
  • National Parks
  • Car fuel is literally just a penny
  • Beautiful, friendly people
  • Incredible rum and food



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