The average American uses 100 gallons of water each day, the average African uses as little as 10. Keep in mind this is water to shower, wash dishes, laundry, boil pasta, wash the car, flush the toilet, etc.  That really puts things in perspective no?  Here are some other statistics and trivia which might or might not be so obvious. And please, if you are a statistics geek please don’t email us.  This is here just for fun. Naturally (and obviously) there is a shift in trends from year to year, so just take this at face value:

  • ALCOHOL: Estonia, Belarus, Lithuania and several other Eastern European countries consume the most alcoholic beverages.
  • BEER: Beer is the most consumed beverage in the world next to water and tea; the Czechs consume the most beer, followed by Seychelles, then Austria, then Germany
  • TEQUILA: Mexico, where tequila is made, is consumed by twice as much as the runner up, the USA
  • VODKA: Russia, Poland and Ukraine are the world’s largest vodka consumers, not much of a surprise there.  The USA is about 5th on the list
  • WINE: The United States consumes the most wine per year, followed by France, then Italy, Germany, UK, Argentina.
  • WHISKEY: Scotch is not just for Scotland, the United States is the largest consumer, which might not be surprising, but the largest is India.  France, UK and believe it or not, Venezuelans are some of the largest consumers in the world.

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