Train Diner

Train Diner West Caldwell NJ

Between Starbucks & CVS (formerly the old A&P) you will find the Train Diner.  in the next complex is the Shop-Rite which has been there at least 40 years.  They say the Train Diner has been there 60 years, but honestly, I wonder.  The town of West Caldwell did not start to develop since the late 1960s, plus, I am not even sure if strip malls existed then.  But let’s just say its been there quite awhile.  At least 10 years as far back as my memory can go.  Its not your typical diner on the outside (being situated in a shopping plaza or strip mall) but otherwise, inside, its the 1970s all over again.

I went in there for a simple BLT.  Here is what a bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich looks like… too much lettuce, perfect amount of tomatoes, not enough bacon.  But what do you expect for less than $5?  Not much.  This place is known to please for a very reasonable price and decent quality food and fast, courteous service.  No complaints here.  Its simply a place to grab a quick hot meal and head on your way with minimal expense.

Train Diner – 548 Passaic Ave West Caldwell NJ 07006

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