Toast Montclair

Toast Montclair

Any time I’ve passed by here on the weekend there was a long line out the door. I always wondered why and wha the big attraction was.  This time I finally had a chance to find out.  It was 10:30 on a Thursday morning, so no lines, we walked right in. However, there was no seating, but then were guided upstairs to the 2nd floor. I never suspected it had another floor but it was quite nice. The atmosphere is quaint and far from corporate in any way. Even the condiments are not your usual salt and pepper shakers, but sea salt and black peppercorn grinders and “Toast Louisiana Style Hot Sauce”.

They have a number of coffee specialties, and the French Toast Latte does not disappoint. I am not a huge sweet coffee or latte fan, but this one was really delicious.

Speaking of French Toast, this is what you come here for, they have a few different types and here is the most basic but it was so light and fluffy and delicious.  While the double stuffed french toast sounded a bit too much for me, the Bananas Foster I certainly will be trying next time time I visit.

They have a variety of waffles as well including red velvet, carrot cake, Nutella and even gluten free.  In fact they have a number of gluten free dishes including pancakes. And when it comes to pancakes, their motto is “Peace, Love and Pancakes”. They don’t stop at traditional buttermilk, they have strawberry, red velvet, and carrot cake.  Carrot cake is one of my all time favorite desserts but I never envisioned it in a pancake.

If you are a meat and potatoes kind of person then you might want to try the Irish Eggs Benedict. While they label it as corned beef hash, they claim it contains pork. It must be an error on the menu. While traditional Eggs Benedict is made with Canadian bacon which does contain pork, this variation  clearly was beef, and a bit chewy, not very tender as it should be.  Should I try this again I will go for the salmon Benedict or try the crab hash instead.

If eggs are a must for your breakfast they also have huevos ranchero, “disco” with gravy (its a Jersey thing). There are so many other items on the menu to explore should you wish to have a sandwich, soup, salad, wrap or even burgers instead, but this is a winner for sure and worth the wait over your traditional pancake house.

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