Templeton Rye

Templeton Rye


Templeton Rye probably has to be my most favorite rye for good reason.  Its delicious, its relatively low in alcohol (40% or 80 proof) compared to most whiskies, and its very affordable at around $35 per bottle as of this writing.  Plus, it has a great deal of history behind it.  In fact, there is even a book on the history of whiskey and prohibition regarding Templeton rye called Gentlemen Bootleggers by Bryce T. Bauer. While the book can get bogged down in too many details at times, its still a very realistic history of whiskey, prohibition, and bootlegging.

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Templeton rye whiskey is famous because the legend goes that Mafia Boss Al Capone would get regular shipments of it and referred to it as “The Good Stuff” and one taste and you will know why.  While Indiana might not be best known for whiskey, if you read the book you will see there is a great deal of history here.

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