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Where you buy your food can be a very personal thing, and it should be.  After all, this is where you are buying the food that feeds you and your family and you are spending a lot of time and money in these places. Selection, quality, price are all important, but integrity is important as well.  Its not a short list to fill by any means.

For this reason, we want to make a list of all the supermarkets and grocery stores I have been to and loosely critique all the points that are important.  Its hard to go into such detail for many reasons.  For example, I won’t buy fish from certain markets, but will go there only for their wide array of cheeses.  There are some that I would never buy chicken from, but would have no problem buying beef there.  Getting that type of quality across the board is difficult.  It is especially difficult if the staff is not friendly, helpful and/or they seem like you are an interruption of their work when you do need to ask a question.

These places can be broken down into basic groups.  We are not counting convenience stores like 7-11, Wawa, Quick Check or any other place that might be connected to a gas station, or a stop on a highway that is open 24 hours a day.

If you want cosmetics, cleaning supplies, cooking and dishware, you would have to go to a supermarket or one of the bigger chains like Target, Walmart, etc.  It is interesting that now these larger places that once only sold non-food items like cleaning supplies, cosmetics, cookware, etc, are now selling food. Target and Walmart are the examples that immediately come to mind.

Butchers & Seafood Stores: If you are having a special meal or the quality of the seafood are very important to you, this is where you come.  It is like going to just a single department of a larger store, but trust the quality is always there and the person behind the counter has extensive knowledge of what they are selling. They can be expensive, but when I want the freshest steak, I want to know where it came from, not just something wrapped in plastic and put on a shelf with an expiration date that other shoppers sifted thru to get the best and freshest cut.

Gourmet & Specialty Stores: You go to specialty stores for hard to find items like caviar and burrata. It is going to be the most expensive place to go for single items, but if it is a holiday like New Year’s Eve, you want to be sure its quality caviar and cheeses, or hand made artisan salumi.

Grocery Store: These are smaller places where you come to buy strictly food.

Supermarkets: These places are your one-stop shopping to get not only food, but cosmetics, dishes, cookware, cleaning supplies, stationery, batteries, even appliances and firewood in some instances.

Big Box/Bulk:  Chains like Costco are the largest single threat to other major supermarkets.  If you are a single person or married without children, this might not be the place for you, or at least not for all items. If you want just one tube of toothpaste, you go to your supermarket. If you need 3-5 tubes if you are a family of 3 or more, this is where you come. If you are having a party, this is the place to shop. You can get double or even triple your money’s worth for every day items, however, if you are just one or two people, you do not need a gallon of ketchup or mustard even if its the same price of an 8-12 ounce bottle where you normally shop.  Things like paper products, tissues, toilet paper, kitchen towels are fine to buy in bulk if you are single.  They don’t go bad and you only have to go shopping two or three times a year.  But you don’t need a whole salmon or side of beef for one or two people even if you are going to freeze it.

  • Corrado’s (Fairlfield NJ)
  • Corrado’s (Clifton NJ)
  • Eataly (New York City)
  • Fairway (Little Falls NJ)
  • Food Town (Caldwell NJ)
  • Food Town (Cedar Grove NJ)
  • Garden of Eden (New York City)
  • Kings (Verona NJ)
  • Pathmark (Parsippany NJ) CLOSED
  • Seabra’s (Newark NJ)
  • ShopRite (Parsippany NJ)
  • ShopRite (West Caldwell NJ)
  • ShopRite (West Orange NJ)
  • Stop & Shop (West Caldwell NJ)
  • Super Food (Aruba)
  • Wegmans (Hanover NJ)
  • Whole Foods (Montclair NJ)
  • Whole Foods (Paramus NJ)
  • Whole Foods (West Orange NJ)
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