Super Food Aruba

Super Food Aruba

One of the largest and most beautiful supermarkets I’ve ever been in is the Super Food in Aruba.  It is very centrally located about in the middle of this small island.  They have quite a large variety of foods and products. It is actually a mall.  Attached is a liquor store as well as a fish store.  Outside there is even a hot food vending machine.  I’ve never seen that in the United States. I know they have them in Japan, but this is the only one I’ve ever seen in my travels.

Aruba as most know is a Dutch island. While Aruba has its independence, they are still sovereign to the Netherlands and all of the influences are there as reminders, such as the wide variety of cheese, especially gouda in nearly every flavor and variation.  Their cheeses are some of the freshest and best tasting I’ve ever had. Not the dry variety you might find in many supermarkets.

This supermarket is the largest, cleanest and best quality I’ve found on the Island of Aruba. The prices have gone up significantly over the past few years, but the quality has not declined.  You can find food cheaper in other ethnic markets like Chinese grocery stores, but I don’t feel the quality is even close to what you will find here.

It is a busy supermarket and they no longer give out shopping bags.  Last year they did away with them all over the island.  You have to carry it out, or buy one of the reusable bags they sell.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  Here in the USA if you bring your own bags you get a .10cent discount.  It is not the pricing that bothers me as much as me often forgetting the reusable in the car or at home. I guess it takes some getting used to, otherwise you will be fumbling to carry multiple items or spending $3 extra per visit for bags to carry the groceries home with.

The produce section used to have a lot more interesting fruits and vegetables since the last time I visited but all the other products you need are there, and plenty of them.  There is a bakery there which makes some great breads, croissants and other delights.  They also have a mini cafeteria which serves breakfast and lunch at a very reasonable price.









It was ironic for me to find American fast food items in the frozen section right next to Dutch frozen fast foods.  You really see the clash of 2 dominant cultures here.  Even the pricing is in both Aruba Florins and American Dollars.  This can be scary at first glance, because a bottle of Coca-Cola looks like it is almost $5 but if you look at the smaller print you will see its much closer to what we Americans expect at about $2.75.

You are going to find all the items you need here from soap and cleaning supplies to cosmetics, beer, wine, and of course food of every kind, from fresh to frozen, prepared and on the go.  It is probably my most favorite supermarket in the world I have visited. Here in the USA the only thing that would come close would be something like Whole Foods, but with a lot more variety.



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