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Aruba to Ban Sunscreen With Oxybenzone

Last week the government of Aruba announced sunscreens containing oxybenzone will be banned on the island as of 2019 because it is dangerous for corals, marine life and the human skin which is absorbed by the body.

Recent studies confirmed that chemicals in many popular sunscreens can bleach corals which prevents them from reproducing and surviving.  Every year between 6000 and 14000 tons of sunscreen gets washed off into the ocean, which accelerates coral bleaching process.

Most sunscreens that contain this dangerous chemical will most likely be taken off the shelves and replaced with natural and organic sunscreens. How the government is going to regulate or control travelers for sunscreens that contain harmful chemical products has yet to be determined.

Be sure to read labels to see if they contain oxybenzone. While many buy sunscreen before they travel, lighten the load and choose natural sunscreen made on the island such as Aruba Life Organics. This alternative sunscreen  contains organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic shea butter, organic unfiltered beeswax, non – nano & uncoated zinc which will not penetrate your skin and will not harm corals.

This not only preserves the environment, but is healthier for you and ensures you are not violating any laws and can be purchased at local pharmacies on Eagle and Palm Beach, as well as Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort.

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