Silver Dollar – Louisville KY

Silver Dollar – Louisville KY


From the neon sign out front, you know this place has been around for awhile and does not need updating with a fancier sign from the 21st Century.  This is a very unpretentious place to get very pretentious whiskey like the one pictured here which we won’t name so that the place is not flooded with tourists who are only seeking out this one type of bourbon.

unspecified-7They were voted one of the top 10 whiskey bars in the USA, and for good reason.  You can get over 200 American whiskeys there at a fairly reasonable price.  If whiskey is not your thing then they have numerous brands of tequila, mezcal, vodka, rum and gin.

And beer drinkers, craft or simple, no worries, there are dozens to choose from. But this is not a dive bar by any means.  They have cocktails which are well thought out, some you might know and others I am sure you never heard of… don’t lie, you know you never had a Tijuana Taxi – you don’t even know the ingredients, and tequila does not count as that is obvious.

 unspecified-6And don’t worry about the number one rule of drinking, to eat first.  They have some great items including fried oysters, pickles, burgers, and the classic southern sides like collard greens, okra, mac & cheese and dozens of others.  They have a brunch menu as well.  Its really hard to go wrong here.

Here is their description from the website:

The Silver Dollar is a reimaging of a 1950s Bakersfield, California honky tonk. It’s an homage to gritty honky tonk music and gritty Southerners transplanted in Southern California

The menu is a modern take on traditional working-class dishes that might have been found in Bakersfield during the era. The Southern roots are obvious in dishes such as Beer Can Hen, Hickory-Smoked Beef Brisket, Breaded Catfish, and Fried Chicken Livers. The Southern California influence is reflected in dishes like Chicken & Waffles.


The Silver Dollar – Louisville KY

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