Shake Shack

Shake Shack

I have yet to find a better burger chain than Shake Shack. I know there are many (like hundreds) of places known for their burgers, but if I am looking for consistency and not something that is going to make me fearful of clogging my arteries, it is for sure Shake Shack.

Everything about their food and establishment is as perfect as it can get.  The staff is friendly, the dining space is clean, the food is always presented with visual appeal and care, and of course, its always delicious.

There is a lot of competition out there I know.  Some are quick to call me out on Instagram and say “In & Out is better”, and they might be, but I am in the NYC Metro Area, not out west or in California, so I never had the opportunity. And while places like Five Guys is good, again, nothing compares to Shake Shack.

I don’t know what their “Shack Sauce” is made of, but it beats any special sauce or ketchup, catsup, or anything else I’ve ever had.  Its mild, not tangy, not pungent, again, a perfect balance. Take a look at this cross section, the burger to bun ratio is correct, as is the toppings.  The bun is soft, fresh and even the Niman Ranch Bacon is not flimsy or greasy, but nice a thick and crispy.

From the moment you bite into it (and bite gently to get the full flavor experience), it is like no other burger.  It is not a big thick piece of ground meat you need to try to get into your mouth only to have the hot juices spill all over you or the table.  It is a perfect bite properly constructed to give the maximum pleasure of enjoying this burger without the worry of making a mess.  I don’t know who thinks the thicker the burger the better, but that is definitely not my philosophy. I don’t like them rare, I don’t like them well done, medium or medium well and that, for me, is how they should be served.

Now, their shakes are also incredible, after all, it is called Shake Shack, not burger shack.  But they have a variety of flavors and they are all delicious. They are not too thick, not thin, not too cold, not to sweet, these shakes too are perfect.  I don’t know what 2 burgers, a small fries and a shake costs at another fast food chain (and I really don’t consider this fast food as much as fast casual) but this set me back $23 and change.  No complaints. I imagine you can get the same deal at one of the bigger megachains for half that price, but then, you know, it will suck at best.  This is what you should be eating if you are in a hurry but want something of great quality and taste.

They also have vegan mushroom burgers, vegetarian options as well as gluten free items as well.  This is what Americans on the go need without all the guilt.

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