Food & History: September 11

Food & History: September 11

1851  Sylvester Graham dies.  He advocated vegetarianism, temperance and the use of coarse ground whole wheat (graham) flour from which he developed the Graham cracker in 1829.

1999  Bee keeper Virgil Foster dies at age 83 after being stung over 50 times by killer bees.  He was the first ‘killer bee’ fatality in California. The bees were originally sourced from Brazil, where African bees were imported for experimental cross breeding.

2001  World Trade Center and Pentagon Terrorist Attack. Among those who perished, due to these heinous attacks, were many food workers who worked in the restaurants of the Twin Towers including Windows on The World.  Businesses in the area that were not destroyed by the attacks and fallout were destroyed by the economy since tourism in that area dropped off by more than 50%.

2006  Afghan President Hamid Karzai opens a Coca-Cola bottling plant in the capital city of Kabul.

2013  United Nations releases a report that 1/3 of all the food produced worldwide was going to waste or lost because of inappropriate practices, while 870 million people go hungry every day.

2014  M. Shanken Communications announces that ‘Food Arts’ magazine was ending its publication.


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