Scotch Old Fashioned

Scotch Old Fashioned

Recently I was at a Glenmorangie Scotch event at Fine & Rare in Manhattan. While they were featuring their latest release, Bacalta Scotch which is finished in Madiera casks – its amazing whisky.  But before we got to that, they were serving their 10 year scotch in cocktails.  One of which was the Old Fashioned. While I originally scoffed at the idea that an American drink, made with American Whiskey such as Bourbon or Rye, was being made with Scotch, it turned out to be a new favorite, if you use the right kind of Scotch.  Its not as sweet, but the sugar helps with that, and its really quite good if you use a Scotch that is not as peaty or smokey.

Simply take a teaspoon of sugar, add your bitters and dissolve in a splash of soda water.  Add the Scotch and serve with a twist of fresh orange rind.  I wish I had tried something like this before. Sometimes I get a bottle of something I hate, now I realize that a little bit of sugar and bitters and a splash of water makes a fine and tasty cocktail.

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