Its not hard to imagine how sangria was invented and came to be.  In fact, I invent it every time I buy a really bad bottle of wine and can’t get past the first glass and don’t want to throw the rest out.  For this same reason, Spaniard and Portuguese knew it was a sin to waste wine, no matter how bad.  And if it were in fact THAT bad, it is nothing that a dash of brandy, some fruit, and a splash of seltzer could not fix.

Such was the case tonight.  While this brand/winery normally make descent wine for under $10 per bottle, this one was unbearable and it was too late to go back out to the store to get another.  So, with everything I already have in the fridge I was able to transform it into something delicious.  A splash of cranberry, splash of peach flavored tea, and since I had no brandy on hand, the orange-flavored Cointreau did even better since its citrus-themed.  A splash of sparking water and chopped apple and strawberry and I would have paid double for this bottle of wine next time around.

There are no rules when it comes to sangria, just add what you have on hand to improve the flavor and make it drinkable.  The Italians even do it with older wine and every restaurant will have their on variation.  If there is one tip I can give, just don’t use less than 50% wine or more than 15% of brandy or other liquor, otherwise, what should be lighter cocktail in the hot Summer months will knock you on your tail. Cheers!

PS – If you are throwing a party and want a non-alcoholic option for punch, this is perfect, just omit the brandy and the wine and anyone with a glass of this not only blends in but they probably have a better perspective on the party since they are sober, plus its delicious!

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