Rock Town Bourbon

Rock Town Arkansas Bourbon


When I first saw this, I had hesitations.  While it is not mandatory that bourbon must be made in Kentucky, if it isn’t, there is nothing wrong there, just prepare for it to taste very different than all other Kentucky bourbons.  I don’t know if its the climate or the length of the seasons, but they taste different.

When I saw this with its beautiful caramel color, I just thought it had to be good.  And, it is, but its just not for my tastes or style.  I wish I had tried a pour of it first before I spent $33 on a bottle I most likely will not drink unless there is a snowstorm and its the only thing I have left.  Again, its not bad whiskey, it just has that taste that almost faintly hints of mildew.  Its a hard taste to pinpoint, but its very similar to the Tuthilltown Hudson Spirits.  I don’t know if its the mash ingredients, the technique or the barrel aging process, but when I smell it I know automatically if I am going to like it or not.

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