Ritz Diner

Ritz Diner Livingston NJ

I’ve heard good things about this place. And a diner is always supposed to be a safe bet.  Everything on the menu they keep there because its in demand and they should know how to cook it no matter what.  I was even impressed that it was not yet even 12noon and the parking lot was full and I had to wait until someone left before I could park.  Good sign, but unfortunately it ended there.

Without going into a lot of detail, let me describe the only two items ordered. Starting with the chili. I asked what the chili came with and the waitress told me “nothing, just the way it comes in a bowl”. I asked “not even saltine crackers” and she politely told me “we don’t do that here”.  Again, she was polite and friendly, but I know that any diner serving soup has saltine crackers to go along with it.  She asked if I wanted shredded cheese on top and I said yes.  So this is how it was served just as shown in my photo.  Diced cheese previously sliced on the side.  I have no problem adding it myself, but the problem was the chili was barely warm. Any place I’ve eaten chili has had the cheese melted on top or at least served so hot the cheese would melt once mixed in.  Not in this case.

In case you were wondering, those yellow bits in there is corn.  I don’t have a problem with that, although I’ve never seen it.  They did have dark red kidney beans and light pink ones. I can see the remnants of tomatoes in there. But this was nothing more than ground meat (I am not even sure what kind). It did not taste good, it tasted like nothing, not even spice or heat from spicy.  Even if it was great, again, food like this needs to be served hot.

So next comes the “Deluxe Cheese Steak Sandwich”. I understand what a steak sandwich is, it is simply a thin slice of boneless steak served between two pieces of french bread.  A cheesesteak is thinly sliced chopped steak cooked with onions and topped with melted cheese.  This was a steak sandwich with the steak folded in half, some cheese and a few scant onions.  As you can see some of the edges of the bread was burnt and it just did not make a very good sandwich of any kind.

My father had a saying… “take a good look at the inside of this place, because you are never going to see it again”.  This falls into that category.

There is a poster signed by Guy Fieri from his show “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives”. His autograph says “killer apple pie”. I don’t know what else he ate here or why it was featured. Perhaps it was years ago and had a different owner and chef, because this place was not worth the 3 minute wait to get parking spot.

Moments after leaving I got stomach pains.  I did not get sick but clearly something about this food did not agree with me.  Either way, I won’t be back.

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