Ramsar Sites in Aruba

Four New Ramsar Sites in Aruba

Ramsar sites are protected wetlands that have a high biodiversity of flora and fauna. Aruba only has one official ramsar site which is the Spaans Lagoon.  Four new areas on the island were signaled for possibly being officially claimed as ramsar sites.

The four locations which can possibly be ramsar sites are:

  • Bubali Plas
  • Isla Di Oro (Mangel Halto)
  • Reefs in Oranjestad
  • Reefs in San Nicolas.

It is important to protect these areas as ramsar sites because experts indicated that these areas are important to feed the animals that live in this habitat. To put it in perspective, there’s over 200 bird species living in Bubali Plas (great place for bird watching). All over the island you will find more species of animals, so protecting them is very important.

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