Prime 13

Prime 13 Wood Fire Grill


Tucked away behind the main street in a small beach town of Point Pleasant lays quite a gem of a restaurant.  The art of wood fire grills is becoming ever so scarce.  Some of the finest dished I’ve ever had came all in one night from Prime 13.  Its all started with Crispy California Calamari with Caper-Berry Black Pepper Mustard Aioli… so much better than the typical marinara sauce on the side.  Real Italians would serve this simply with a squeeze of fresh lemon, however, if they tasted this aioli it would certainly raise an eyebrow full of delight.


tacos2448 The Tuna Poke Tacos were really delicious, I can make a meal of these alone. I loved  the heat from the wasabi ginger vinaigrette in crispy wonton, savoy cabbage toasted  sesame slaw, avocado & siracha aioli – very creative and really really VERY good!!


No one is interested in salad, so let’s cut to the chase… the most amazing cut of beef I’ve ever had, and from what I understand its almost impossible to find.  Yes, you can find it online, but only as a “Cowboy Steak” – the difference here is the Tomahawk Long Bone Ribeye is the full length of the bone.  Everyone knows meat cooked on the bone is more flavorful, but in this case, its not just bursting with flavor, its an amazing presentation.  The char on the outer edges was better than anything you can imagine.  This is what it looks like after its been cut up and served.


However, Prime 13 also has something for seafood lovers, and not just its amazing California Calamari, what you see below is Asian Spiced Wild Salmon with Orange Terihaki Glaze.

While most claim dessert is the best part of the meal, I simply don’t agree, however, this could lead to serious debate… Cannoli Tacos which is all the goodness of the chocolate chip cannoli cream inside a sweet crispy wonton drizzled with chocolate sauce, fresh local strawberries, blueberries and cream.  Wow, I almost forgot what I ate just before I had this.


Bottom line: You won’t be disappointed here no matter how picky the diners are.  It has something for everyone and its all incredibly good.

710 Arnold Avenue – Point Pleasant Beach NJ 08742


PS – Did I mention house cured bacon??

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