Pastechi House Aruba

Pastechi House Aruba

I always got a kick out of this place because it proudly displays the King and Queen of the Netherlands at the entrance of their storefront.  Located in this Historic Downtown Shopping district of Aruba, for me it is always a must-visit as it is very inexpensive, fast, and nothing fancy, which is why I find the King and Queen as part of their artwork right next to a smiling pastechi. A pastechi is a Caribbean version of empanada.  It is basically a light pastry filled with cheese and perhaps some type of meat, fish or chicken.

If you get one of their famed croquettes, everything was mostly pulverized so you can’t really distinctly taste what is inside.  The Angus beef definitely contained pieces of meat as was the same with what they call an authentic Aruban croquette.

I enjoyed this with a popular Venezuelan beer which my favorite Venezuelan Actress (Marjorie De Sousa) use to advertise for (in a bikini of course).  I could have had the Aruba Balashi, but I’ve been drinking them all week long back at the condo.  The beer is nothing special, it is similar to Coors or Corona in the United States, but it is just what you need to wash down these fried delights.

It is something small quick and to grab on the run, and you will definitely need two of them as a snack, but for less than $10 its hard to find many things cheaper outside of places like Wendy’s or McDonalds, and for that very reason its a true delight places like this
exist. I wish there were more of these and less of those others mega chain franchises from the United States.  Those fast food establishments have their place, but if you are an American, you will appreciate a stop like this before you go off shopping in the many malls which carry a lot of international brands.

The gentleman there told me they were working with the Hyatt Hotel (one of the most upscale and popular hotels on the island) to create a special shrimp pastechi.  For $2.50 you really have nothing to lose and you will find yourself back here every time you visit, just like me.

It is right along the tracks of the historic trolly so you really can’t miss it in this short stretch of this outdoor shopping mall. It is conveniently located just about in the center while going to the other stores in the area.

The Pastechi House – Caya G. F. Betico Croes 42, Oranjestad, Aruba

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