Park West Diner

Park West Diner Little Falls NJ

One of the most iconic diners along Route 46 West in New Jersey is Park West.  Often it is confused with NJ’s most famous diners, Tick Tock because they are a few miles apart and have a similar 1950s decor like the stainless steel and neon signs.

While Park West is noted as one of Jersey’s best diners, I never found it to be anything special after a few visits.  The service is impeccable, friendly, fast and efficient and food comes in a flash.  However, the food itself is nothing spectacular.

On this visit I brought my wife’s friend for lunch.  She is from Venezuela and since my wife could not get off from work, I decided to treat her to a New Jersey institution.  It was a Saturday afternoon, and we were seated immediately.  The menu is extensive, but I wanted to go with something I thought would be a sure bet like a deli sandwich. So I ordered the classic Reuben with pastrami and encouraged my friend to order it with corned beef so we can split the sandwich, sample and compare the two side by side.  Unfortunately they did not come in such a fashion where the sandwich was closed and cut so we can share a half each. As you can see they were open faced and even if I wanted to make a sandwich I would not be able.  Good thing they gave me a steak knife so I can at least cut through all that swiss cheese and sauerkraut.  The french fries were cooked to perfection, crispy and delicious.  But the pastrami was very dry, not the melt in your mouth type of juicy pastrami I am used to.  For this reason I am wondering if the food came so fast because it was reheated and/or microwaved rather than sliced fresh.

You can see the rest of the menu, just don’t rely on the pricing because they are at least a dollar or two more from what the website states. Its still pretty reasonable, and the food and service is good, its just not spectacular like I find with some other diners.

Park West Diner – 1400 US Rt. 46 West, Little Falls, NJ 07424
Phone: 973-256 2767  Web: Email:

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