Aqua Velva Cocktail

December 24, 2016 0

The Aqua Velva Cocktail by Ray Wyland ( You wouldn’t make fun of it if you tried it… If you’ve seen the 2007 movie Zodiac, […]

Madame Janette Aruba

December 24, 2016 0

Madame Janette Aruba Madam Janette’s calls itself a craft beer bar, and it should, with over 80 different types of beer and great tapas.  Founded […]

Seabra’s Marisqueira

December 24, 2016 0

SEABRA’S MARISQUEIRA – Newark NJ Its hard to find really good seafood anymore without paying a handsome ransom.  But, if you know the right place […]

The Lambs Club

December 24, 2016 0

The Lambs Club [Originally Drafted January 16, 2013] For awhile I was itching to get to The Lambs Club in New York City. its in […]

Orange Squirrel

December 24, 2016 0

The Orange Squirrel in Bloomfield NJ IMPORTANT NOTE: This visit took place in November 2013, I learned just yesterday that as of March 2017 they […]

Curing Olives

December 24, 2016 0

Curing Olives Olives come in many types, sizes, colors and flavors.  Above is just a small cross view of how many different types of olives […]

NAU Frutos do Mar Brazil

December 23, 2016 0

NAU FRUTOS DO MAR – Joao Pessoa, Brazil My last dinner in Joao Pessoa was a good one.  It was a fine restaurant, very chic […]

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

December 23, 2016 0

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Spirit: Bourbon Whiskey, Barrel Proof 136 Proof (68% Alcohol) Retail Price: $60, Good value for Barrel Proof whiskey Elijah Craig is named […]

Wine Fraud

December 21, 2016 0

Wine Fraud Even at an early age of about 21 (probably younger, but we will say 21 as that is the legal drinking age) I was […]

Slurp & Chirp

December 21, 2016 0

Slurp & Chirp On the coldest night of December so far, my favorite Korean food stop, Kimchi Smoke BBQ had a Slurp & Chirp Night. […]


December 20, 2016 0

Allocation Allocation, or something that has been allocated has become a dirty word in the world of American Whiskey.  What it basically means is that […]


December 14, 2016 0

Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky Spirit: Indian Single Malt Whisky; 46% Alcohol (92 Proof) Until today, I didn’t know India made whiskey, but thanks to Flaviar, […]

Patsy’s Italian Restaurant

December 14, 2016 0

Patsy’s Italian Restaurant 236 West 56th Street, New York NY 10019 Web:   Phone: 212-247-3491 If there is any true Italian-American restaurant in Manhattan that […]

Sinatra 101

December 13, 2016 0

Sinatra 101 In honor of Frank Sinatra’s 101st Birthday, I present to you Sinatra 101 – the basics, but the most important foundation of the […]

Luxury Drinks

December 11, 2016 0

Luxury Drinks When it comes to whiskey, I’ve been very fortunate to have some of the very best, some of the very rare, and with that, […]

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