Old Forester


This is a really great bang for the buck.  We paid $35 retail for a standard 750ml bottle and at 90 proof. This particular bottle was from a barrel specifically allocated by Gary’s Wine of New Jersey.  Its not like your typical bourbon, it has the combination of spicy, fiery, but never too tame. The brand has a long history to it, and it is not some new marketed bourbon trying to be sold with glitz.  The only odd thing I noticed is a very subtle hint of banana.  I am not sure what that is all about but I’ve tried it several times over the last week and I am not sure what that flavor is that is reminding me of bananas.  Often its a different flavor associated with something like caramelized sugar, perhaps bananas foster which flames oak-aged rum, etc.  Not a bad thing, just a subtle note and something I can’t ever recall tasting in a bourbon.  Regardless, its good bourbon, nothing that blows others off the charts, but for the price, its a must try.

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