Mojitos Aruba

Mojitos Aruba

In the downtown historic district of Aruba are some very beautiful buildings as they once where in Dutch Colonial times. In one such building attached to a mall is Mojitos on the 2nd floor.  Every time I visit Aruba this place is still here, and that is a good thing.  This time around they made some significant changes as you can see from our last entry at Mojitos from November 2014.

They still feature affordable food, drinks and lunch specials.  But some of the “kitsch” is gone just like that of an old authentic Tiki bar. No more outrigger boats hanging from the ceiling, there are no more bright yellow tables they encourage you to leave your mark and autograph, and even the Cuban flag and portraits of Fidel Castro and Ché are gone.

I didn’t bother to ask why, outside of if they had new owners, but no, still the same owner. Maybe it was too political for the times. Even the African Tiki-like wooden statue is gone and replaced with a gorilla.

One thing that has not changed is that you can still get your mojito made with Havana Club rum if you ask, and not a crazy price. Why Havana Club rum? Well it is Cuban rum, you cannot find it outside of the United States due to a political trade embargo, and of course, this is probably the closest you will find to what classic cocktails were invented and made with, from the Mojito itself to the daiquiri Hemingway made famous.

Of course if you are stopping in for lunch you have to have one with an authentic Cuban sandwich. But you don’t have to keep it all about the ethnic mandatory eats. They have fried yuca and killer ceviche as well.

The staff is friendly, Cuban music is playing, and you have a great view of the harbor.




If a mojito is not your thing, they also have all your favorite tropical cocktails and even a Brown Lady which is more like a fancy chocolate milkshake than anything else.

While this might seem like a themed franchise, it isn’t. There is just one owner with a great sense of what people like and they serve it a reasonable price.






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