Mojito’s Cantina & Grill – Aruba

Mojito’s Cantina & Grill Aruba


From the street you can see the 2nd level of the mall with open patio/balcony, and what makes for a more fun casual experience than overlooking the busy streets below while dining and having fun.

Its a colorful place, just like Havana might be, bright colors, lots of artwork, and of course a splash of political revolutionary icons.


In Aruba in the downtown shopping section which used to be the “center” of town, there are a great deal of malls, shopping, restaurants and other attractions.  One I decided to go into was a Cuban-themed restaurant called “Mojitos”, and I have to say, I loved it.  The staff was friendly, the music was great and the Mojitos themselves were the best I’ve ever had.  And, if I was not convinced by my first, I made sure that they used Cuban rum on my 2nd mojito.


IMG_0097As it turns out, that Havana Club is the only true Cuban rum around outside of Cuba (or since I have found), and this was, like many Cuban companies, founders who fled to the nearest island to continue to produce their products and carried their name and logo, rightfully so, but not actually in Cuba.  Either way, fantastic drinks. Again, I’ve never had a better Mojito.  The mint was pungent but very fresh, as was the lime.  You might just think its a drink, but a cocktail is truly something prepared with as much care as a dish, using only the finest, freshest ingredients and served just like you see here.

Naturally I had to get some eats, and I love Cuban food.  I am not sure how authentic it was, but it was all good.  Of course, as an appetizer or side you can never go wrong with potatoes, or, in this case yuca.  They are oversized fries, different texture but still a good starchy food to accompany drinks and the guacamole in place of ketchup really makes this a great starter.


The empanadas were deep fried, a bit oily, but they hit the spot and the salsa condiment was a nice accompaniment.


I don’t even remember what this last dish was, I think it was platinos with cheese, not sure why they needed cheese, but again, just one more appetizer.  No one was interested in a full meal, so best to enjoy a few good appetizers in the spirit of tapas so we can enjoy the drinks, music and atmosphere.


The fun thing about this place is the decorations… plenty of kitch, lots of tiki stuff too, so if you are into that you will love this atmosphere.  Its very casual, very relaxed, everyone is having fun, and as you can see, even Maryelis who normally does not drink is enjoying her mojito…

They even encourage you to leave your mark and write on the tables, and of course we did… I am sure they scrub them down but its still fun to leave your mark, even if for a few days…


Its a nice diversion, its great drinks some fun food, very casual and relaxed.  You won’t find an epic culinary experience here, but you will not go hungry and you will have fun, even if its just one drink and some fun music. 


Royal Plaza Mall, Aruba
Phone: 297-592-4741

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