Mojito Italiano

Mojito Italiano

This is a great summer innovation to the classic Cuba Mojito.  It is all the same ingredient in a mojito, substitute basil leaves in place of the mint. Basil is in the same family as mint. In fact, you will notice a resemblance in the leaves. In this cocktail you are simply replacing the mint leaves with basil leaves, and the rum with gin since this is a lighter, cleaner tasting Summer time drink.  You could use vodka, but gin has the infused herbs which make it delicious.


  • 60ml or 2oz. Light Rum (white, blanco, just be sure its smooth)
  • 4-5 Fresh Basil Leaves
  • Teaspoon Sugar (or one sugar cube, or one packet, I like demerara also known as sugar in the raw)
  • 30ml Fresh Lime Juice (about half a lime)
  • Garnish with a single floating fresh basil leaf

Muddle the basil leaves along with the sugar. Add in lime juice and gin with plenty of ice. Stir vigorously or shaker, strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a floating basil leaf.

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