Mojito Cocktail

The Mojito Cocktail


One of the greatest cocktails of all time has to be the Mojito. It is a classic which continues to remain a very popular drink.  Made famous in Cuba, it is not a complex drink but it is well known that bartenders who have a busy bar find dread having to take the time to make. But to be honest, there is a shortcut and I am never one to take shortcuts when it comes to anything like recreating a classic like the Mojito, but this one is common sense.

The Classic Mojito:

  • Muddle a few sprigs, in a glass with sugar and a squirt of club soda
  • Squeeze in 2 lime quarters (half a lime and its juice)
  • Add 2 ounces or 60ml of white (silver, bianco, blanco, etc) rum
  • Stir, pour over fresh, clean ice in a highball glass, top off with an ounce of seltzer or club soda
  • Garnish with the crushed limes and fresh mint sprig

Easy enouimg_00952gh right?  You can make it more easily, and I’ve seen it done this way, simply skip the club soda, lime and sugar, and pour in rum over a lemon-lime soda like 7up or Sprite.  However, never skip the fresh muddled mint.  The reality is, soda like Sprite h
as everything you are going to include anyway, sugar, club soda, and the citrus of lemon and lime.  If you had to do it this way, that is ok, but if you have the fresh lime juice, for sure use that.  Otherwise, the 7up or Sprite version is a less acidic and lighter version of the Mojito from scratch.  Its even better on a hot summer afternoon.

Either way, this was meant to be enjoyed with clear/white/silver rum which is barely aged or not aged at all.  There is so much to mask the flavor, you don’t need an aged rum.  However, there is nothing wrong if you used an aged rum like I did here as you see below.


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