Lobster is a shellfish that exists in most continents and cultures all over the world. In the Northern United States they call it lobster, but there are different species with different names and some are even more closely related to shrimp than lobster.

The yield of a lobster is about 25% or less edible. That means that if you buy a 4 lb lobster, you are lucky to get 1 pound of edible lobster once the shells are discarded.  Even on sale, $7/pound is not cheap, that would make it closer to $30 per pound.

So what do you do if you love lobster like I do but can’t justify spending more on a meal at home than as if you had gone out to eat?  There are a few options to enjoy lobster while staying on a budget.

This first option is not always available. Often the lobsters die and they immediately separate the claws from the tails and sell them separately. The claws are the cheapest at $2 per pound, and the tails are $5 per pound.

The claws are a steal. 1lb of lobster claws yields about the same amount of edible food as the whole lobster at nearly quadruple the price of $7-8.  At the same time, tails (where the bulk of where the food is) are $5 and also yield  more than the lobster whole. So, if you like claws, your lobster is about $8 per pound. If you prefer tails it is then $20 per pound. Let’s face it, you don’t need all the other parts when the lobster is whole.  Its like dark meat and white meat on a chicken. I don’t understand why people prefer the white meat, the dark meat on the bone is where all the flavor is.  It is the same with the lobster claws, they are sweeter, more tender and flavorful. Give me claws all year long.

The other options are to combine the lobster with other things like pasta or in a sandwich. A lobster roll out it is going to cost you closer to $20 even if you go to one of those food trucks, but you can make one at home for 1/3 that cost. Here is a Lobster Roll Recipe for that option.  The truth is, lobster is fine on its own, but if you want to add lemon and butter, why not put it on a toasted buttered roll to enjoy it even more?

Recipe Options for Lobster:

  • Cold Lobster Cocktail
  • Lobster Lemon Thyme
  • Lobster & Linguine Scampi Style
  • Lobster Poor Boy



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