Kon Tiki

Kon Tiki

For anyone that wants to try to understand the Tiki and Polynesian Pop culture craze, this is required reading and/or viewing. While some might want to clearly define what Polynesian Pop is, you really can’t because its a mix of several cultures, flavors and cuisine, and this is the essence as to why.

Kon Tiki is the true story of legendary Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdah.  In 1947, in an effort to prove his theory that the Peruvians discovered and settled Polynesia, he took a 4,300 mile journey across the Pacific Ocean, all on a balsa wood raft, just as they would have before Columbus even knew this part of the world existed. His book journaling the voyage has been translated into 70 languages and sold 50 million copies.

While many thought this to be a death mission, not only did he prove his theory, but he went on to lead other archaeological expeditions to the Galapagos Islands and Easter Island, all which found ties to early Ecuadorian and Peruvian native people and cultures.

This movie is nearly 2 hours long and what is really cool is that it has original footage from one of the cinematographers who made the voyage. It might drag on at some points, but it was a voyage that lasted over 100 days and if nothing else, is not only historically important, but further proves that not all of history and science that we are taught is necessarily correct.

What is great about this movie is that it all takes place in a time where before modern technology, it was all based on the basic teachings of information handed down generation to generation for nearly one thousand years.

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