King Umberto

King Umberto

King Umberto has been around since 1976.  In all honesty I have not visited King Umberto’s in Elmont NY in quite a long time.  About 20 years ago they were once a client and about a mile down the road was another client I came to see often. When I was in this area on the Long Island/Queens border, I often bought 3 large “Grandma” pies and drive them home and freeze what I did not eat on the way home so I had it at a future date.  It was that good.  They were making the square thin pan pizza slice “Grandma” style many years before anyone else caught on.  So I have no doubt they are still making great pizza.

King Umberto
1343 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont NY 11003
Reservations: 516-352-3232 
Pizzeria: 516-352-8391


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