Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 7 Cask Strength


Bottle: Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 7 Cask Strength
Kentucky Bourbon, 112 Proof
Availability: $79 Retail
Rating / Score: 93% or A-

Even before I tasted this I knew it was going to be sweet. Not just sweet on the palate, but a sweet dram of whiskey.  I’ve always been a fan of Jefferson’s, especially their Ocean series.  Basically what they do is load up barrels of their bourbon on a cargo ship and let it travel the globe.  Supposedly the rough seas, the smooth seas and the sloshing of the whiskey in the barrel attribute to its unique taste. Marketing, perhaps, however, you can’t dispute the unique and great tasting whiskey it is.  For me it tasted more like rye, which I love, so no problem there.  Perhaps its the mashbill (ingredients), however, this particular edition has a ton of flavor, is sweet, and you easily get past the cask strength of 112 proof.

All that being said, it falls flat after awhile once you realize the price is over $80 with tax.  This is the sort of bourbon you try at a bar but don’t buy to stock at home, at least not this version.  The whiskey world is going bonkers, anything that does not suck is going up in price and value. Perhaps a year for now we will be paying $100 for a bottle of something like this when the shelves are depleted.  But as of today, all things being equal, I wouldn’t pay more than $55 for this the next time around.

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