Food & History: January 16

Food & History: January 16

National Fig Newton Day

1868  William Davis, from Detroit receives a patent for a refrigerator car.

1894  Charles H. Phillips Chemical Company registers the ‘Milk of Magnesia’ trademark.

1915  Rosenella Cruciani ‘Rose’ Totino was born.  She is known as the queen of frozen pizza and co-founder with her husband Jim Totino, of Totino’s Pizzeria and Totino’s Fine Foods.

1920  Prohibition begins in the US, which banned the production and sale of all alcohol for recreational purposes.

1945  Carl and Margaret Karcher opened Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque restaurant in Anaheim, California.  Later this became Carl’s Jr. in 1956.

2004  The first Starbucks coffee shop opens in France.


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