Jamie’s Cigar Bar

Jamie’s Cigar Bar


Its been a long winter, its hard to smoke outdoors, and even harder to find a local place that favors cigar smokers.  My friend and colleague found one great place, but we were going there at least once a week for the last several months.  Needless to say we wanted a different experience for a change.  So, I went online and found a few options, one was a strip club, another served no food, and the others were too long of a drive.  After all, when you want to go to lunch to have a smoke, you have to block off at least 2 hours of time, maybe more.











Today we found ourselves at Jamie’s Cigar Bar in Clifton, New Jersey.  Its not a busy place, but that is a good thing for a change.  They serve food at a fairly reasonable price, however the cigar selection is limited and just a bit overpriced.  Since it is not a cigar store, you have to know the cigars you are ordering off the menu. It was very helpful that they have the cigars on display in a frame on the wall so you get a better idea as to the size, shape and/or if you recognize a cigar you’ve had in the past, and if you like or dislike it.  I am a pretty regular guy when it comes to cigars.  I don’t like anything too strong, too mild, too thick or too thin.  So this display is helpful, and I tend to favor torpedo, coronas and maybe a double corona on occasion.


For starters we ordered the fried calamari which is always a nice starter.  Besides, this is a celebration of sorts.  Its my birthday this weekend, and my friend finally found a job and we won’t be able to have these casual lunches for 2-3 hours at a time during the week anymore.

jcb6600When I go out for a cigar, I don’t need a sophisticated menu.  I just want a bite to eat that is good, and then enjoy a good cigar.  This place has it all covered.  It has simple to fancy items on the menu to please all crowds.  Its lunch and I don’t like a big meal at lunch, just something to hit the spot.  One thing that always does the trick is a Cuban sandwich.  It comes with home made potato chips.

While this looks perfect with the bread grilled perfectly, the homemade chips and use of real pork, ham and crisp pickles, the sandwich was lacking.  It was dry, it was not flattened and ate more like a sub than a real Cuban sandwich.  My friend (who is Cuban) was not impressed, he noted there was no mayonnaise.  Generally you don’t go to a bar or pub, or even a cigar bar to be impressed with the food.  You simply go to get a bite to eat at a fair price and then move on to the reason you really come in the first place, to enjoy a good cigar with a good friend and good conversation.

This place is fine if you want to spend a lot more for slightly better food.  While normally we spend $11 per menu item, it comes with a free cigar. Not a cigar of your choice, but a pretty good cigar that you can smoke.  Their cigars run $15-25, obviously more than the price of a menu item.  The staff is very friendly, helpful and the atmosphere is nice.  Its worth a try for sure.

Jamie’s Cigar Bar
Web: www.jamiescigars.com  Phone: 973-779-8596

915 Bloomfield Avenue Clifton NJ  07012-2406

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