Jacob’s Ghost

Jacob’s Ghost


Jacob’s Ghost is a mostly clear “white dog” bourbon produced by Jim Beam. You might see a slight tinge of yellowish brown, but some will say this never saw the inside of a barrel, however, the label states it is for at least a year.

When I first saw this, I wondered what it was all about.  Then when I saw the price fall over the months incrementally, I thought, either it was not a seller but a sleeper, or something that was just a failed marketing ploy.  But I decided to take a risk and I am glad I did.  If for nothing else, this makes a great “light” Old Fashioned cocktail.  But quite frankly, if you love bourbon, you owe it to yourself to see what it tastes like at when its a year old if you really enjoy it when its 5 to 15 years old.  Once you taste what it is before the bourbon has had time to age, you might appreciate it more.

While this is labelled as “White Whiskey” it does tastes like bourbon, but cannot officially be called bourbon by law since its only aged less than 2 years.  The flavor is similar, just not as defined in the oak, vanilla and heavier flavors.  Its still good, and at $22/bottle on sale.  If you want to mix this, go right ahead, in this case it is ok.  I tried it in an Old Fashioned, Mint Julep, even a lighter Manhattan cocktail.  At $22 per bottle, its hard to go wrong with this one.

Spirit:  White Whiskey (corn, bourbon)
Proof: 80 (40% alcohol)
Price & Rating: $22 / C+
Taste: It basically tastes like a very light bourbon, nothing harsh, totally mixable but not too good straight or neat.

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