Hot Rods BBQ

Hot Rods BBQ

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Its a small, unassuming place in a small town, but it got Forbe’s attention as well as best BBQ in Morris County.  What can go wrong?  Nothing really.  Unless there is one person there during the lunch hour working bar, register, waitress and server.  It was not crowded, maybe about 10 people, but there should have been at least another staff person there.  Outside of slow service (even to pay the bill), the food was good.  First up we got the signature wings which were hot and spicy, very good, cooked perfectly, a nice bite on the skin and tender inside.


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The brisket sandwich was really great, while it was a bit too wet with the sauce (it ate more like a Sloppy Joe), the bun was nice and soft and helped soak up all the sauce and the brisket was pretty good.  Not as tender as I would have liked, but my friend got the pulled pork sandwich.  The sauce was so good we found ourselves reaching for the bottle of extra BBQ sauce on the table to add more.  I used it in place of ketchup for my fries.

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This is a place definitely worth visiting, and to my delight I saw they had a nice selection of bourbons.  It was too early in the afternoon to even have one drink, but when I return I am bringing my appetite and a designated driver!

Hot Rods BBQ  –
19 North Main Street, Wharton, NJ 07885
Phone: 973-361-5050

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