There are so many places around the globe to visit.  Often I see a list online of “the best, must visit, top 20, etc” places to visit.  I want to corral all of these places and put this on my growing list of lounges, restaurants and places to visit. These may not be in any particular order, although if some place is in Indonesia it is not high on my list due to region, travel, practicality.  So, I am going to put them from my reference point of New York City.

If you see a link to the place, it means I have been there and rather than cross it off the list, you can see if it is worth a trip:


  1. Dead Rabbit (Manhattan NY)
  2. Pig & Prince (Montclair NJ)
  3. Death & Co. (Manhattan NY)
  4. Lun Wah (Roselle NJ)
  5. The Archer (Jersey City NJ)
  6. Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen (Morristown NJ)
  7. Ariane Kitchen & Bar (Verona NJ)
  8. Frankie’s Tiki Room (Las Vegas NV)
  9. Smuggler’s Cove (San Francisco CA)
  10. Mai-Kai (Fort Lauderdale FL)
  11. PDT (Manhattan NY)
  12. Nomad Hotel (Manhattan NY)
  13. Grand Army (Brooklyn NY)
  14. Clover Club (Brooklyn NY)
  15. Dullboy (Jersey City NJ)
  16. Forbidden Island (Alameda, CA)
  17. Three Dots & A Dash (Chicago, IL)
  18. Jade Island (Staten Island NY)


  1. Reservoir Tavern (Boonton, NJ)
  2. Sophia Pizza Shoppe (Manhattan NY)
  3. Gruppo (Manhattan NY)
  4. Papa’s Tomato Pies (Robbinsville NJ)
  5. King Umberto’s (Elmont NY)
  6. Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza (Elizabeth NJ)
  7. Lee’s Tavern (Staten Island NY)
  8. Emmy Squared (Brooklyn NY)
  9. Razza (Jersey City NJ)
  10. DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies (Robbinsville NJ)
  11. Co. (Manhattan NY)
  12. Star Tavern (Orange NJ)
  13. Lombardi’s (Manhattan NY)
  14. Prince Street Pizza (Manhattan NY)
  15. Joe’s of Carmine Street (Manhattan NY)
  16. Patsy’s (Manhattan NY)
  17. Motorino (Manhattan NY)
  18. Keste (Manhattan NY)
  19. John’s of Bleeker Street (Manhattan NY)


  1. Krugs (Newark NJ)
  2. In & Out (California)
  3. Verona Inn (Verona NJ)
  4. Cloverleaf Tavern (Caldwell NJ)


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