Tiki Triangle: Headhunter

Tiki Triangle: Head Hunter Cocktail

In honor of Anthony Bourdain’s Birthday, we wanted to re-create the Headhunter Polynesian cocktail he had on one of his episodes where he visits Jade Island in Staten Island NY.

The one I had I could almost certainly say there was sweet and sour mix in it.  Any cocktail, especially an authentic Tiki or Polynesian cocktail should only use real, fresh-squeezed juices.

Since no real consistent recipe of this can be found, it is open to interpretation, but you get the idea based on the ingredients you can confirm. Just please do not use powdered sweet and sour mix.


  • 40 ml fresh lime juice
  • 40 ml papaya nectar
  • 15 ml peach nectar
  • 20 ml honey syrup
  • 45 ml Demerara rum
  • 15 ml Overproof Rum
  • 20 ml Gold Rum
  • 4 oz ice

You can watch a video of this drink being made here:

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