You know that green delicious stuff you find in Mexican restaurants?  Its basically avocado and not much else. Rather than go buy a jar of it in the supermarket you can make your own fresh for less than half the price.  The hardest part is finding ripe avocados. You can’t tell just by looking at them, so once you get to the supermarket, go to the produce section in the produce section, look for something that look like these.

From there, you want to give them a little squeeze.  Gently press to be sure they are slightly soft.  You don’t want them too soft and if they are very hard, they are not ripe yet.  If you don’t plan to make guacamole for a few days, that is fine. But if its for tonight’s meal, you definitely want them ripe and slightly soft.  Usually the darker they are the riper they are. If they are bright green they probably are not ready yet.

Be very careful not to cut yourself as these are very soft even when not ripe, you can easily cut right through it with a knife.  Once you slice it in half, make little hash marks up and down as you see here on the left.  This will help you scoop it out easier with a spoon.

Once its in a large bowl, add all the ingredients listed below and mash together with a large fork until its the consistency you like.  I don’t like it too smooth nor too chunky, so mine usually looks like what you see here and at the top.

Its really that simple.  Some recipe suggest chopped parsley, shallots or onions, even shopped tomatoes.  That is up to you. I like to keep it simple. I think this could work with just salt, pepper and lime.  I am not crazy about cilantro and my wife is not crazy about raw onions, so adjust it to taste.  Some even substitute the lime for lemon or grapefruit juice. It does not matter as long as you like the taste and it is fresh juice not canned.

  • 15ml (1/4 ounce) Fresh Lime Juice (a little less than half a lime)
  • 1 Ripe Avacado
  • 1 Clove garlic, crushed
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 1 Ounce Fresh Cilantro

Serve with tortilla chips, pita bread triangles as a dip, or as a condiment for tacos or quesadillas, etc.  Believe it or not, people in Mexico wonder about the American fascination with avocados.  To them, they are really no big deal, it is just like a minor side topping like sour cream, many do without it.  But for Americans, they are in love with them. They are oily but have good cholesterol.

Now I have to point out something political.  Try to buy avocados from California if you can. Not just because I want to keep the American economy healthy, but those avocados from Mexico are the result of drug cartels forcing small poor farmers to harvest them.  They demand they grow a certain amount and take most of the profits only giving them what they need to barely survive. If they demand for them drops, perhaps these farmers can go back to living a fairly better lifestyle and grow other things for their own needs which are not in such high demand.  Don’t take my word for it, do some research, its fairly well documented.



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