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Grub Tub


Grub-tub-yankeesAfter a long cold winter, Memorial Day Weekend and the warm weather is finally here.  This is the holiday where we remember all of the veterans who fought so we can enjoy our freedom, and the 3-day weekend which also kicks off the Summer season.  Most will want to spend it with a cold drink in one hand, hot dog or hamburger in the other.  What could be better when you are outside on a beautiful day enjoying a party?  Except if, you get a message on your smart phone, or can’t balance the chips on your lap because you are standing, or you need a free hand to load up your food tray with goodies to sit down and enjoy.

Enter the “Grub Tub”, a product based on genius that I can’t understand why it was not invented sooner.  I am very surprised this is not yet a staple accessory in stadiums. At least 5 times each time you visit your favorite team there is someone who has to pass by your seat to get to theirs.  Sometimes its a matter of just moving slightly, other times you have no warning and you get bumped or even if you pull in as tight as you can, you spill something.DBacks-Cup-Holder-Grub-Tub

Other than the one-handed practicality of this, the one thing I love is the fact that this will also keep the mosquitos and flies out of your favorite beverage.  There is nothing worse than seeing an insect ruining a beverage you paid dearly for.

The Grub Tub fits all 3 sizes of cup rims and can even be manufactured to custom sizes any particular venue might have which might vary, it even works with water bottles!

They are BPA free, and while they are created to be disposable, they can be re-used, and even serve as souvenirs, or simply be recycled. We needed this a very long time ago and I am glad its finally here.  You can already find it Yankee Stadium, Magic Springs, Diamondbacks, Santikos Theaters, as well as other venues.

For purchasing and/or more information take a look at:

For quantities of 300+ contact: or call 310-372-9709
Mention AcanReview for any additional discounts which may apply, we stand by this product 100% – its genius!




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