Gold Rush Cocktail


People in the South swear by this for a sore throat, juice from a whole lemon, honey and some whiskey, in this case, bourbon.  I had to add some ice just because I don’t like my drinks hot (in general).  But it makes sense, you got honey to sooth the throat, lemon to kill any bad bacteria, and of course the bourbon to help ease your mind and body from the feelings of illness.  I will let you know how I feel in the morning.  If nothing else, this is a delicious cocktail. Its sweet, its got the sweet and sour taste of fresh lemon, and of course you can’t go wrong with bourbon.

My first experience with bourbon was actually with Elijah Craig at The Lambs Club in Manhattan with the owner “Iron Chef” Geoffrey Zakarian. Its simple but delicious if prepared correctly.  Its honey, lime juice and Elijah Craig 12 year bourbon served over a very large hand carved square ice cube.  Many, nearly all, overlook the importance of ice.  But Chef Zakarian realizes that a perfectly shaped cube of ice will keep the drink cold for a long time without diluting the cocktail since it melts very slowly.

Gold Rush Cocktail

  • 2 Ounces Elijiah Craig 12 year-old Bourbon
  • Juice of 1 Fresh Lemon
  • Half ounce (0.5) of honey
  • Shake over ice hard to dissolve all
  • Pour over single large ice cube
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