• Alcohol: The intoxicating ingredient of any spirit. 100% is pure alcohol and deadly, but most spirits contain 40-75% alcohol and is considered “hard alcohol”.
  • Barrel Aged: Any spirit put in a barrel for a period of time so that the sugars from the wood impart a taste on the final product, usually beer, bitters, wine and especially whiskey.
  • Bitter: A high alcoholic ingredient made from bark, herbs and highly concentrated to enhance and elevate a cocktail.  Typically just a few drops or less than 3ml are used per cocktail.
  • Brewery: Similar to a factory where beer is fermented and produced
  • Cocktail: Any drink containing alcohol or spirit, mixer such as soda or juice, and perhaps bitters.
  • Distillery: Similar to a factory where spirits are produced.
  • Dram: Translated means “a drink” usually of straight whisky, usually 1.5 ounces and.or 45ml
  • DUI and/or DWI: Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under Influence of drugs or alcohol.  Its illegal in any culture/country, carries a heavy fine and/or prison time – don’t do it.
  • Garnish: An added decoration to a cocktail such as a cherry, lemon or orange slice, or even a mini umbrella if its a Tiki or Polynesian drink.
  • Gil: Older measurement of a jigger
  • Gin: Neutral spirit made with infused Juniper berries.
  • Hangover: Extreme effects of having drank too much the day after.  Often it is a severe headache, nausea, dehydration, etc.
  • Intoxicated/Intoxication: When one person has had too much to drink and their senses are no diminished.
  • Jigger: While this varies from country to country, in the USA it is 1.5 ounces or 45ml
  • Liquor: High proof spirit (70 proof or above), unsweetened, typically vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, mezcal, pisco, brandy, cognac, rum, etc.
  • Liqueur: Spirit sweetened with sugar (of any kind)
  • Martini: While the original refers to a gin cocktail with bitters and vermouth, in the 21st century it refers to any cocktail served straight up in a martini glass.
  • Mocktail: A mixture of soda, juice, punch and flavor which is non-alcoholic.
  • Punch: Generally a mix of fruit, spirits and soda filled into a large bowl for a party for everyone to enjoy.  While it is generally lower in proof, pour too many and it can be deadly
  • Rye: Whiskey distilled from mostly rye seeds
  • Scotch: Whisky distilled from malt and barley
  • Shot: Generally 1 ounce or 30ml of a spirit (whiskey, vodka, or high proof liqueur) to be consumed in one “shot” or swallow/gulp.
  • Simple Syrup: liquid sugar that does not need to be dissolved, typically made with 1 part of boiled water with 1 part of sugar.
  • Spirit: anything distilled or fermented that contains alcohol
  • Sweet & Sour Mix: usually powdered, but best made by fresh squeezed lemon, lime and sugar.
  • Whiskey: Bourbon, moonshine, rye, scotch, are all referred to as Whiskey and/or Whisky
  • Whisky: Generally the same as whiskey but generally known to originate from Scotland or Japan
  • Winery: Similar to a factory where wine is produced
  • Vodka: Neutral spirit, generally made from wheat or potatoes. Not aged, always clear unless flavored.


“On the wagon” was used to describe people who stopped drinking in an effort to become sober. The term came about when drunks passed out were rounded up by the police and put on a wagon and taken off the street until they were sober enough to walk again.

“Off the wagon” likewise, was said of people who were ready stood start drinking again.

“All sauced up” in the process of becoming drunk

“Buzzed” on the way to intoxication


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