The Glencairn Club of Acan Review is probably the easiest club in the world to get into. The only fee is the one you pay for a Glencairn glass, and yes, it must be a Glencairn glass, and you might even be able to get one free.  The minimal price you pay for that glass, usually around $11 is all you need, and some whiskey or any other barrel aged spirit to fill it with.  Simply snap a photo and put it on Instagram with the tag #glencairnclub – Follow our account if you wish to see or need suggestions.  This is just for fun, and its a great way to show everyone else in this club what you are drinking. We hope this will be a following from around the world so we can see what someone from the other side of the planet is drinking which we may not have heard of or had access to.

Now if you want to get a Glencairn glass and with the logo to encourage others, it is just $19 including shipping to anywhere in the Continental USA.  This not only pays for the glass, engraving and helps support this website, it is and will be a hashtag that will live forever, as long as whiskey is still flowing.


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