Glencairn Glass

Glencairn Glass


There is an official whiskey glass which first came into production in 2001. Approximately 115 mm (4.5″) in height and has the capacity to hold 175 ml (5.9 US fluid ounces), but it is only intended to hold 50-60ml.  That would bring it ideally halfway up the bottom bulb part of the glass.

Traditionally an old fashion whiskey glass is used for tasting, sometimes a fancier crystal cut short stout glass.  But this does not hold the aroma of the spirits as well, and the Glencairn is especially useful when professionally tasting spirits, especially those aged in oak like rum, cognac, brandy, and of course, scotch and whiskey.

You can read more about the glass itself at: – but do yourself a favor.  Try it, just once, to have a drink from this glass.  Hold it up to your nose first, smell the aroma of the spirit. Give it a swirl, another sniff and then a sip.  No, not to be pretentious, but to experience the drink for all it was meant to be savored for (or not).  The truth is, most spirits are made for drinking, not analyzing, however, when you come across something you might not think much of, this might help you experience some things you would otherwise miss like the smell.  After all, most of the tasting is done through the nose.

You can easily find these glasses online, often a lot cheaper than the $11 liquor stores are charging.  And while most will think its a myth that a glass can actually effect and make something taste better, again, give this a chance, just once.

If you have trouble locating one and want to help support this blog and website, please purchase one from us here at Glencairn Club.


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